Assessment Work Flow

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What is this guide?

This guide outlines the new assessment workflow for suppliers, clients, and assessors. The workflow is designed to streamline the assessment process, ensuring efficiency and compliance. Below, you will find detailed steps of the workflow.

Assessment Work Flow

The assessment workflow involves several key steps, from the supplier submitting an application to the final approval by RIM/RSO and Assessor. Each step is crucial for ensuring that the assessment process is thorough and compliant.

Work Flow as follows:

  1. Supplier submits application and nominates assessor 

  2. RIM/RSO approves application and assessor

  3. Work Order is created for Assessor and supplier.

  4. Assessor performs assessment creating any tasks necessary for supplier to complete

  5. Supplier notified of tasks and takes action by completing 

  6. Assessor notified of completed tasks and submits assessment 

  7. Optional assessment review process for Assessor business

  8. RIM/RSO notified of submitted assessment and Reviews for Approval or Rejection

Work Flow Diagram:

What happens if the Assessment gets rejected?

  1. When an assessment is rejected by RIM/RSO a Case is created against the asset in the suppliers account. Both the Assessor and Supplier are assigned. The Assessor is required to reload the assessment and make any required necessary changes. (Supplier and Assessor can communicate with each other in the Case)

  2. Once resubmitted by the Assessor the RIM/RSO is notified to review again

RIM/RSO Approves Assessment

  1. When the RIM/RSO approves the assessment the Work Order will close and the Asset will gain Network compliance. This is represented by a green tick. 
  2. If the assessment has an expiry date this date will show to the side of the Network compliance green tick on the plants profile page. A new work order will also be generated for the Assessor

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