Work Order Requests Guide

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What are Work Order Requests?

A Work Order Request is a pending request to create a Work Order. 

Work order requests are created via two pathways

  1. The first pathway is via a Checklist. If you fail an item from a checklist and opt to "Create Task"  a work order request is created. Please see the below image: 
  2. The second pathway to create a work order request is by selecting the "Create Work Order Request" button in the plant table. Users will be prompted with a form to complete with the issues they have identified.

Who Can Review/Approve Work Order Requests?

Work order requests can only be reviewed by users who are assigned the "Maintenance Manger" permission. This permission can be found in the Maintenance module in the configuration panel.

  1. Configuration Panel - Maintenance module:

Approving/Reviewing Work Order Requests

To view a work order request:

Click Work Order Requests on the left hand side menu. All open requests can be found in the open tab.

To view a specific request:

  1. click on the arrow to the right hand side of the request. 
  2. A side panel will open and here you will be able to see the relevant details of that request.

To Review the Work Order Request:

To review the work order request click the "review" button. You will now be able to start delegating what happens to the tasks on the request. You can:

  1. Approve the Maintenance Task and create it against a new work order
  2. Turn the task into a Plant Admin Task
  3. Reject the task all together.
  4. When all tasks on the work order request have been delegated hit submit to action. 

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