Introduction to Maintenance

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The new Aquipa Maintenance + module marks a significant shift from our previous workflows on managing maintenance tasks.  

We now have a streamlined work order management system which allows for easier creation, assignment, and tracking, enabling better communication, task prioritization, and overall workflow management.

This will be a staged change management process to help minimize disruptions to ongoing operations. Changes will be implemented in a phased manner, reducing the impact on day-to-day activities and allowing for gradual adjustment.

This guide's work flows  have been developed for stage 1 of this process. 

Hierarchical Maintenance Access Control Levels

In Aquipa maintenance permissions are handled from a hierarchical access control assigned to users from the maintenance configuration panel. 


There are 3 levels of access when it comes to Maintenance 

  1. Maintenance Manager
  2. Maintenance Supervisor 
  3. Task Assignee 


Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager role has ultimate maintenance authority . This is the only role that can close work orders and defer tasks. A maintenance manager can access and take action on any given work order. 


Maintenance Supervisor

The Maintenance Supervisor role has the authority to interact at the Maintenance Task level.  A Supervisor has to be assigned to a Task to be able to have any authority. 


Task Assignee 

A Task assignee is a user, who is assigned to perform a maintenance task on a work order. Any user, regardless of role, can become a Task Assignee, however they can only interact with the tasks they are assigned to. They do not have permission to do anything other than perform the maintenance checklist items for their assigned task. A task can be assigned to an individual or a team. If a user is part of a team that is assigned to a task they will gain access to that task. 


Any user in Aquipa can:

  1. View Maintenance Schedules (Read Only)
  2. View Work Orders (Read Only)

Once they are assigned to a task they become a Task Assignee and gain an additional access right to be able to:

  1. Perform Checklist items on assigned Maintenance Tasks

Hierarchical Maintenance Access Permissions

*  - Access limited to only being able to action on the task a user is assigned to

✔ - User has access to functionality only if their account organization has a subscription to the maintenance+ module.

Access LevelMaintenance ManagerMaintenance SupervisorTask AssigneeNon-Maintenance+ User
View Maintenance Schedules
View Asset Maintenance Compliance Status

Perform Pre-Start Checklists

Create Work Order Requests

View Maintenance KPI Dashboards

View Work OrdersX
Add Maintenance Tasks to Work OrdersX
Perform Checklist items on Maintenance Tasks**X
Comment on Maintenance Tasks**X
Set task criticality*X
Set task fault codes** X
Assign users or teams to existing tasks*XX
Rename or Edit Task Title*XX
Review, Approve and Close Maintenance Tasks*XX
Reload Maintenance Checklists and Edit Form*XX
Assign Maintenance Managers to Work OrdersXXX
Create Work OrdersXXX
Defer Maintenance Tasks to a Deferred Work OrderXXX
Comment on Work OrdersXXX
Rename or Edit Work Order TitleXXX


How to assign Hierarchical Maintenance Access levels                                                    

To grant a user Maintenance Manager or Supervisor access  go to: 

  1. Avatar in the top right hand corner > Configuration Panel > Maintenance > General > Assign Maintenance Manager 
  2. Avatar in the top right hand corner > Configuration Panel > Maintenance > General > Assign Maintenance Supervisor 

Work Order Hybrid Flow/Sequence Diagram

Please see the below diagram on the Work Order Hybrid Flow/Sequence:


Notifications will be sent out from the system as long as a user has the required notifications turned on. Email, push and bell notifications can be:


  • If a plant is Tagged out all users are notified 
  • If a maintenance becomes overdue all maintenance managers are notified.
  • If a maintenance is coming due on asset an email notification will be sent out to all maintenance managers. Maintenance coming due notifications can be configured to notify by set time frames.

Work Order:

  • When a work order request is made a notification will be sent out to all Maintenance Managers.
  • When a maintenance manager is assigned to a work order they will receive a notification.
  • When a user is assigned to a task on a work order they will receive a notification.
  • When a task is awaiting review, assigned Maintenance Supervisors will be sent a notification.
  • When a task is overdue, assigned Maintenance Supervisors will be sent a notification
  • When a Work Order is overdue, assigned Maintenance Managers will be sent a notification

How to set time frame triggers for Notifications of Maintenance coming due:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right hand corner and select the configuration panel.
  2. Now on the left hand side panel click Maintenance then click the Configuration tab at the top of the page to reveal the Maintenance Due Soon Parameters.

  3. Set the due soon parameters to the number of days, hours or KMs you would like a notification reminder to be triggered before the maintenance is due.
  4. To do so click the inside the parameter box. Set the amount and click the tick to confirm.


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