Connect Operators to your Clients

Connect Operators to your Clients

To make operators available for work bookings with hiring clients, you need to first connect the operator with your client so they can be verified. Once verified by your client, operators will be available for client work bookings with your plant.
  1. Go to the Operators tab in Aquipa
  2. From the 3-dots menu of the operator you wish to connect, select + CONNECT OPERATOR TO CLIENTS to open the connection dialog
  3. Select from the drop-down list of clients that you are connected to
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm and modify the competencies for the operator
  5. Submit
Once submitted the connection request will be reviewed by your client(s). When accepted by your client, the operator will become available for work bookings with your plant. If rejected by your client, you will be notified and a Case created in Aquipa for you to work on getting any issues resolved. When you resubmit the application to connect the operator, the Case created from prior rejection will be automatically closed.

Ensure accuracy when completing the operator competencies section as the competencies for each operator will determine the plant that they can be booked for.

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