How to Review & Approve Maintenance Tasks on Work Orders

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Review/Edit Task Information

When tasks are created they can be set with Task information such as:

  • Task Criticality 
  • Trade Group
  • Due Date
  • Assignees

When viewing the Tasks to set or edit Task Criticality and Trade Group simply click the pencil to the left hand side and select from the drop down menu and click submit. 

If there is a date already set that needs to be changed then click on the x by the side of the date. This will delete the Due Date. Now click where it says NO DUE DATE.

Setting Date on Task

To set a date click on the calendar icon, then select a date on the calendar, click set and hit the submit button:



If you wish to add or edit the task assignees on the task then click on an assignee and either x someone you wish to remove or from the drop down menu click on a user or team you wish to assign. Click done to complete.  

Review & Approve Performed Tasks with a checklist

When a task assignee completes their task the status of the task will change from “open” to “awaiting review”. When the status is pending this means that a performed task is ready for you to review

If a maintenance task has a service checklist associated you will need to click the “review checklist button” to begin this process. 



By doing so you will be taken to a view of the completed checklist. Here you are able to see the completed checklist details on the left hand side of the page, with a comments panel to the right of the page. In this area you may wish to record any comments and upload any supporting documentation that you wish to remain with this task. 


If you wish to edit the checklist to make corrections you must do so before approving and closing the task. To do so click “Go Back” in the top left hand corner of the review page and then click the Reload Checklist button. The checklist form will reopen, make your edits and then complete the form. You may now review the form again and if satisfied click “Approve and Close”. The task will then close out and cannot be edited from this moment forwards. 

If there were failed tasks on the checklist, when you click “Approve and Close" the system will notify you how many there were.  Any items that were marked as not resolved you will be informed that these will be created as new tasks. If you agree to proceed these will be added as new maintenance tasks on the work order and this task will close. If you do not agree the task will remain awaiting to be approved.


Upon selecting "Approve and Close" in the checklist, the task assignee will be prompted with a dialog to enter the Actual Work Time it took to complete the task.

Once the Actual Work Time has been inputted, the user will then be advised to supply the updated usage parameters related to the asset. Once submitted both the Actual Work Time and Usage Parameter data will remain in review until the reviewer completes the work order. Usage Parameters will take affect on the asset only once the final review stage has been completed.

Review & Approve Performed Tasks without a checklist

When a maintenance task does not have a service checklist and awaiting review if you wish to approve and close the task simply click the “Approve and close” button.


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