How to Perform Maintenance Tasks on Work Orders

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Performing Tasks

You will be assigned to a maintenance task on a work order either as an individual or as part of a team.

When assigned to a maintenance task you will be notified via email and also via the notification bell in the top right corner of your screen. 

To access an assigned task on a work order you may either:

  1. Click the notification in Aquipa
  2. Click the link from your notification email
  3. Go to the Plant asset
    1. Go to Work Orders
    2. Click Work Order
    3. Click on the eye icon to the side of the task

If the maintenance task requires a service checklist you will need to click “Begin checklist” and complete the form to perform the task. Once the checklist is complete the task will be sent for approval/review by a supervisor. 

If the task you are assigned to does not require a service checklist and you have completed the task you can click “Mark as complete” to send this for approval/review to a supervisor.

If you wish to add any further  supporting documentation to the task you can do this by clicking the attachment icon in the top right corner of the task.

You may also add any comments to a task in the conversation panel at the bottom of the task window. 

Upon Approving the task, the task assignee will be prompted with a dialog to enter the Actual Work Time it took to complete the task.

Once the Actual Work Time has been inputted, the user will then be advised to supply the updated usage parameters related to the asset. Once submitted both the Actual Work Time and Usage Parameter data will remain in review until the reviewer completes the work order. Usage Parameters will take affect on the asset only once the final review stage has been completed.

Task Status

When viewing a task you are assigned to the status of the task is visible on the top left corner of the screen. 

Task is open waiting to be performed.
Task is completed and awaiting approval/review from a supervisor.
Task is closed. It has been completed and approved/reviewed by a supervisor.
Task is overdue and needs actioning

Task is a deferred task. Number count shows how many times the task has been deferred.


In the case of a deferred task two statuses will appear. Deferred, Open and Deferred, Closed. 


Deferred, Open means the task still needs to be performed.

 Deferred, Closed means the task has been completed and approved/reviewed by a supervisor.

Creating Additional Tasks on a Work Order

To create a new task on a work order as a minimum you must be assigned to a task on that work order. 

If you have failed an item from a task with a checklist you will be asked if the task has been resolved. If you “No” you can opt to create a task. On review the supervisor will approve and this task will be added to the work order. 

If you wish to create an additional task not associated with a checklist item you can do so by clicking the add task button at the top right of the work order.  



You will be asked if you wish to create the task from a task template or not.  A task template is a predefined task already created in the system by your Maintenance Manager. If yes, select the task template and submit. 

If you are not using a Task template you may select no and begin to create a new task. Fill out the task details and submit to create the task. On creation open the task by clicking the eye icon to the side of it on the work order and set any further information needed for the task by clicking the pencil icons. 



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