Creating Work Orders

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Work Order Sequence for Maintenance Plan

Please see the below diagram on the Work Order Sequence for a maintenance plan:

Creating Work Order for a Maintenance Plan

  1. Go to the Plant asset
  2. Maintenance
  3. Click 3 dots beside the scheduled Maintenance Plan
  4. Click Create Work Order
  5.  A dialogue will open. The name of the plan will automatically be pulled through to the Work Order Title.
  6. The Maintenance Manager for this asset will be assigned to this Work order. If you wish to add additional Maintenance Managers, select form the dropdown.
  7. Then select the interval you wish to create the Work Order for. The system will show a recommendation based on what is due next in the sequence. Select and hit submit to create. 
  8. The work order will now be created with the associated tasks set for that interval.

Creating Work Orders Ad Hoc

To create an Ad Hoc Work Order:

  1. Go to the Plant asset
  2. Create Work Order 
  3. A dialogue will appear. Here you must give the Work Order a title. The maintenance manager assigned to the plant will be assigned to the Work Order. You have an optional choice to also give the work order a deadline and a fault code. To create the work order click submit. 
  4. Now the work order is created you can add maintenance tasks, set a location and set a due date if you haven’t already. 
  5. Priority of a work order is auto set and is derived from the highest criticality of a task on the work order.

Scheduling Work Orders to be Actioned

You may schedule a date range for when you wish to action a work order. When set, the assets calendar will be populated with the scheduled work order dates.


Adding Maintenance Tasks

If you wish to create an additional task not associated with a checklist item you can do so by:

1. clicking the add task button at the top right of the work order:

2. You will be asked if you wish to create the task from a task template or not. A task template is a predefined task already created in the system by your Maintenance Manager. If yes, select the task template and submit. 

3. If you are not using a Task template you may select no, and begin to create a new task. Fill out the task details and submit to create the task. On creation open the task by clicking the eye icon to the side of it on the work order and set any further information needed for the task by clicking the pencil icons.



Work Order Status

When viewing a work order you are assigned to, the status of the work order is visible on the top left corner of the screen. The work order status' indicate the following:


Work Order StatusStatus Meaning

Work Order is open waiting to be performed.

Work Order is closed. It has been completed and approved/reviewed by a Maintenance Manager. 

The Work Order is overdue and needs action. Plant is now TAGGED OUT

Deferred Work Order. Number count shows how many times the Work Order has been deferred.


In the case of a Deferred Work Order two statuses will appear. Deferred, Open and Deferred, Closed. 


Deferred, Open means the Work Order still needs to be performed.

 Deferred, Closed means the Work Order has been completed and approved/reviewed by a Maintenance Manager.


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