Use Aquipa to Help Build a Great Compliance Foundation

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Here are some tips on how best to use some of the features of Aquipa to help build, manage and maintain a solid plant and equipment compliance foundation

These tips are by no means definitive. They're simply a consideration of feedback from our diverse user base of Hiring Clients, Contractors, Assessors, ICP's, Work Group Supervisors and Maintenance Technicians. 

How can Aquipa help?

1. Single Register of Assets - You can use Aquipa to create a single register of your assets thats easy to access for your whole team.  With Aquipa you can record the type, make and model of each asset as well as record their exact location, maintenance history, insurance and compliance details. With such dynamic information our cloud based software makes it much easier to keep an accurate register as multiple teams and users from multiple sites are able to edit and update information at the same time. 

2. Barcode system for Identification - With Aquipa you can tag your assets with barcoded labels. Using our Mobile App this allows your teams to retrieve and update vital information from anywhere. All they need to do is open the app, scan the assets barcode and take action.   

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3. Manage your Users with Roles and Permissions - With Aquipa you control who has access to what in your account. Create roles with customised permissions that allow users to view and update only the information they need to access.

Aquipa also logs which user took what action in the system

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4. Perform Checklists - Create and customise Digital Checklists for your operators to perform using our Mobile App. With Digital Checklists operators simply open the app, scan the assets barcode and begin.  Digital Checklists are easy for operators to use, paperless and provide real time compliance evidence for management and safety teams.

Every performed digital checklist is stored in the system on your assets profile. 

Maintenance Tasks can also be created from Digital Checklists allowing operators to quickly notify relevant teams of any works that need immediate attention or require action when the asset returns back from site.

We have an inbuilt form builder where you can create your own Digital Checklist formsYou can access this by Clicking Checklists>Manage>Create Form

Alternatively, we offer a service to do this for you. A nominal fee applies. Please contact to find out more on how to do this.

5. Choose to Schedule Maintenance - Use Aquipa to schedule the maintenance of your assets and have your Digital Pre Checklists log usage parameters that feed into your schedules. Notifications will then alert you when services are coming due. 

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6. Log your MaintenanceWhen it comes to performing maintenance you can choose to digitise your maintenance forms having them performed and stored in our system, so you never have to chase paperwork again. You can log maintenance against what you have scheduled and then automate the rescheduling of the next. 

 With Aquipa it's easy to make maintenance evidence accessible and shareable to those that may require it

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7. Documentation - Adopt a simple and smart documents management system. With Aquipa you can upload a particular document once and manage one version across an assets safety and compliance registrations, certifications, workflows and ongoing approvals. Expiry dates can be set and alerts, filters and notifications can be used to automate the management process.

Documents are electronically archived against each asset saving you enormous amounts of time trying to locate paperwork.

Key Documents is a feature of Aquipa's document management capability. It enables more efficient management of important documents that may expire and need to be updated for compliance. It also allows documents to be shared across multiple plant or across multiple hiring clients when registering plant with them. 

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