Reviewing Maintenance

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If you choose to tick the "Requires review" box any performed/logged maintenance on an assocaited work order will need to be approved by an additional user in your system before being confirmed as completed.

As the Reviewer how do I view submitted maintenance for review?

To view maintenance that has been submitted to you for review first you must add a widget to your dashboard.

1. Go to Dashboard on the left hand side panel.

2. In the top left hand corner click the Edit Dashboard button.

3. Now click on the big plus button.

4. Select ‘My maintenances awaiting review and click submit.

5. From your dashboard you will now be able view how many maintenances you have awaiting review.

6. To access them simply click on the widget, this will direct you to a table view. 

7. From the table you can select the maintenance you wish to review by clicking on the corresponding arrow to the right hand side. A side panel will open.

8. To view the performed maintenance click the blue View button.

9. The performed maintenance will open for review.  On the left hand side you can scroll the page to view the Plant details as well as the submitted maintenance form. On the right hand side of the page there is a conversation panel where you can interact with the maintainer who submitted the maintenance for review.

Approve Submitted Maintenance

If you would like to go ahead and approve the maintenance simply:

1. Click the approve button at the top right above the conversation panel.

2. The maintenance will now be completed

3. If the maintenance you were reviewing was a Corrective/One Off maintenance on completion of review you will be redirected to the configure maintenance dialogue. If you wish to configure a new maintenance work order for this asset you can do so here. If you do not simply click cancel in the bottom right.

4. If the maintenance you were reviewing was a Scheduled Maintenance Interval from a Maintenance plan on completion of the review the system will schedule the next interval.

Reject Submitted Maintenance

If you choose to reject the submitted maintenance: 

1. Click the reject button. A dialogue will appear. 

2. Enter the reason for rejection, choose to leave a comment and load any supporting documents or images and then click Submit.

3. On rejection a case will be created and the maintainer will be assigned to the case. 

4. To view the case the maintainer should click Cases on the left hand side panel and click the corresponding arrow to the right hand side. 

5. The case will contain all the information you entered when rejecting the maintenance so that the maintainer can take appropriate action. 

6. They must then reload the Maintenance form from the case by clicking the Reload Maintenance Form button. Re-perform and submit for review again. 

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