Reviewing Operator Applications for Approval

Reviewing Operator Applications for Approval

When reviewing submitted operator verifications you are reviewing the operator information submitted by suppliers.
1. Go to Dashboard
2. Click the OPERATOR APPLICATION FOR REVIEW widget to go to the list of operator verifications to review in the Operators tab
The number in the OPERATOR APPLICATION FOR REVIEW widget shows the number of submitted operator verifications that are awaiting review. If you don't see this widget got to Configure Dashboard and select it from the list. For more Dashboard guidance see our Configure Your Dashboard article.
3. New applications for approval are found in the "New operator requests approval" section of the Operators tab. Click the REVIEW button in the to open the review page
4. In verification review page:
  1. Review the operator's competencies
  2. Click on the image file links to open files in your browser
  3. Approve or Reject
    1. APPROVE
      1. Approves the operator
      2. Automatically notifies the operator and supplier
      3. Makes the operator eligible for bookings that they have competency for
    2. REJECT
      1. Prompts you for a reason (provide a clear explanation for the supplier)
      2. Notifies the supplier business that submitted the application
      3. Creates a Case for the supplier to resolve the issue and resubmit the application. When the supplier re-submits the application the case will be automatically close

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