Restrict Operator Booking Visibility

Restrict Operator Booking Visibility

What is the Restrict Booking Visibility function?

You may choose to restrict an operator's booking visibility at check in.
Restricted visibility will only allow an operator to view and check in to bookings where they have been selected as the operator in the booking.
Alternatively you may allow full visibility to an operator at check in. 
 Full visibility can allow an operator to view and check in to bookings where they are an available operator. This means they can check in and view bookings where they have not necessarily been selected. 

How do I view an operator's visibility setting?

To view an operators visibility simply:

1. Go to the Operator module on the left hand side panel.
2. In the table you should see a column called visibility. In here you will be able to see the operator's visibility permission status. 

If you cannot see the visibility column go the the column picker and select "visibility" to display in the table. 
Need further help? Check out how to customise table views

How do I set an operator's visibility permission? 

To give an operator Full or Restricted visibility follow these steps:

1. Go to the Operator module on the left hand side panel. 
2. Click on the the three dots to the right hand side of the operator you wish to set their visibility permission.
3. In sub menu you will either see the option to "Restrict Visibility" or "Give Full Visibility" depending on their current permission status.
4. To set/change simply click the option being displayed. A warning box will appear. Read the message displayed and if you wish to proceed click submit. 

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