Perform Checklists in Offline Mode - Mobile Device

Perform Checklists in Offline Mode - Mobile Device

Q: What is "Offline" Mode? Offline mode means you can perform and submit a checklist (Plant Pre-start for example) with no cellular coverage (3G,4G,5G). When you submit the checklist after completing it, it will stay in the aquipa App "Outbox" until you get back into a good coverage zone. When you open the App the Outbox (which contains the completed checklists) will upload to the cloud and sync your checklist data to your account.

Q: When do I use this? When you have very poor/intermittent or no coverage to your mobile device.
When in remote areas you may want to switch your phones Wifi and Mobile Data to OFF. This stops your phone going back and forth between no coverage and poor coverage which can affect offline or online mode from working efficiently.

Q: Are there actions that need to be performed in order to set up Offline mode? Yes, SYNC OFFLINE PLANT LIST - This will save the latest and most current list of plant to your device so you can access it offline. On the aquipa App:
  1. Go to the Menu icon (top left of screen) > Click on your Avatar (the Image/Initials) icon
  2. Choose Account Settings
  3. Scroll across to Options (top header bar)
  4. In Options > choose SYNC OFFLINE PLANT LIST

See this article for how to Perform a Pre-start Checklist on your Mobile Device

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