Operator Verification

Operator Verification

Verification of plant operators is required to update and/or confirm information about that plant in order to meet the safety and compliance requirements of the hiring client.

1. Click "SHOW OPERATORS TO VERIFY" on the red banner to display a filtered list of operators that require Verification
2. Click the "VERIFY NOW" button on each operator row to begin verifying each operator
3. Select the appropriate response to indicate your business relationship with the operator

This will determine account access and billing for this operator:
  1. Where you indicate an operator is an employee:
    1. The operator will be included as a user in your account
    2. Hiring client connections for that operator will be charged to your account
  2. Where you indicate the operator works on behalf of your business, but is not an employee:
    1. The operator will have their own account outside of your business, but will be eligible to be included as an available operator for work bookings of plant that the operator has competency to operate
    2. The operator will be charged directly and your business will not be charged for this operator
  3. Where you indicate the operator does not operate plant for your business, the operator will be completely disconnected from your business and plant
4. Confirm the competencies for this operator by ticking each competency that applies and completing the required fields (required fields are marked with an asterisk)

5. Click Submit and your Verification submission will be sent to your hiring client
6. You will then be prompted to confirm which plant in your register, the operator has competency to operate. The system will automatically provide a suggested list based on the competencies of each operator.

See  Manage Operators for more about how to manage your operators and connect third-party operators to your account

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