Manage Operators

Manage Operators

Operators Tab

To manage operators go to the Operators tab.

1. Add operators from the list of users already in your Aquipa account, or  Invite operators by sending an email invitation. Operators who don't already have an account in Aquipa will be guided through setting up an account and accepting your invitation.

2. Manage each operator:
  1. View Operator takes you through to the profile page for that operator where you can manage competencies and eligibility for operation of your plant
  2. From Manage Barcodes you can connect and disconnect barcodes associated with this operator. Connecting a barcode that operators must have with them on site will enable fast lookup of that operator from the Aquipa mobile app
  3. Mark as Unavailable make the operator unavailable to be booked with your plant. When marked as unavailable, operators will no longer appear in bookings and will be removed from any bookings they are associated with

Manage Operator Competencies & Plant Approved to Operate

  1. Add additional competencies for the operator
  2. Manage competencies (including updating documentation, issued dates and expiry dates
  3. Manage which plant the operator is approved to operate. The system will automatically determine which plant an operator has competency to operate based on their competencies listed and the pre-configured ruled for your hiring client. You can override this selection by clicking the "BLOCK" button so that the operator will be blocked from any bookings for that plant

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