Manage Bookings as a Supplier

Manage Bookings as a Supplier

A Booking in Aquipa represents a package of work offered by a hiring client, to a supplier. Bookings are configured to the requirements of your hiring clients in Aquipa.

When your hiring client creates a booking, the criteria defined in the booking determines which of your plant and operators are eligible for that booking. Example criteria include:
  1. Plant Category and specifications
  2. Attachments
  3. Plant Operator Competencies
  4. Distance from job site
There are a number of stages in the booking cycle which are defined by the Bookings Status. During the initial implementation of bookings though, as a supplier, you will only be notified about a booking once it has reached Finalising status. In the future, as implementation progresses, you will be able to automatically receive booking offers through Aquipa, as well as accept or decline offers using the app.

Email notifications are the first thing you might notice about bookings. When your client's booking manager has verbal agreement that you have accepted a booking (via phone call), they will accept the booking on your behalf and you will receive an email notification.

The email subject will provide some information about the booking, while the clickable buttons will take you to the most up-to-date information available for that booking.
  1. Access HEC will open the booking information pdf in your browser
  2. Access Booking Details will take you to that booking in the Aquipa platform

The Booking Email

You no longer need to save and store the booking HEC. The smart-button in the booking email ensures that you always have access to the most up to date information about the booking. You can also forward this email to anyone out on site that needs to access the booking information.

The most up-to-date booking information can also be found by simply accessing the booking in your Aquipa account.

Go to the bookings tab and click on a booking to open the booking panel. Key areas of the booking are:

1. Booking Manager, Receipting Officer and Participants are the client representatives that have a role in engaging with the booking

2. Operators
  1. Available Operators are your nominated operators that are available for the booking with competencies that match the requirements
  2. Selected Operators are the operator(s) that you have assigned for the booking (from your list of available operators). Click this area to assign operators.
When assigning an operator to a booking ensure their competencies will be up to date through the booked period
3. Discussion Thread is the area to communicate with your client about the booking
  1. Provide information to your client including upload of documents
  2. Ask and answer questions
Assistant Operators
Where assistant operators are required for a booking, provide competency information (including RIW number) to the Booking Manager by posting a comment in the discussion thread.
The Booking panel will also display other information about the booking, including 
  1. Location
  2. Notes
  3. Work order and purchase order numbers
  4. Plant attachments required for the job
  5. Click VIEW PLANT to view the plant booked
  6. Click VIEW ALTERNATE PLANT to see your other plant that is eligible for the booking (i.e. plant and attachment combinations that match the booking requirement)

Internal Notes
TIP: To make an internal note that is private to users in your business, add the note in the comments box and click Add Internal Note. Using Internal Notes you can keep all the booking information in one place.

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