Look Up & Scan Plant in the Aquipa App

Look Up & Scan Plant in the Aquipa App

The Aquipa app provides field access to critical plant information and processes like check-in / check-out, pre-start checklists, maintenance, raising tasks and cases, tagging-out.

Scan Plant

The fastest way to access plant in the Aquipa app is by using the Scan QR Code button

  1. Open the Aquipa app and activate the in-app scanner by clicking Scan QR Code
  2. Scan the relevant QR code attached to the plant for instant access to information and processes for that plant
Data code stickers can be ordered through Aquipa or pre-existing codes on plant (including QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes and Barcodes) can be instantly linked for easy access when out on site using the Aquipa mobile apps. See our Connect a Barcode to Plant Profile article for more info.

Manual Look Up

When there is no data code available to scan, plant can be looked up using the quick search field

  1. Open Aquipa app and go to the Plant tab
  2. Use filters and type in search to look up plant
When typing in search the app will look across a range of fields including Aquipa ID, internal ID, rego, make, model, categories (if relevant) and supplier (for enterprise client users). If you are having trouble finding the plant you are after then use the filters to narrow down the list

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