How to Manage My Plant Operator Competencies

How to Manage My Plant Operator Competencies

Mange your competencies:

  1. Login to Aquipa 
  2. Go to the Operators tab in the left menu
  3. Click the View My Profile button at the top to open your operator profile page which will show a list of your current competencies, as well as
    1. Files
    2. Document Numbers
    3. Issued and Expiry Dates
    4. When the competency was last modified
  4. From the Add Competencies button at the top you can select additional competencies to add to your profile
  5. Manage your competencies (e.g. update documentation and expiry dates) by clicking the 3-dots menu for each competency in your list

You can also connect a barcode to your profile (e.g. your RIW card QR code) to enable easy lookup for your profile and competencies while out on site.

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