Filters and Search for Bookings

Filters and Search for Bookings


The bookings table has a range of filters to help you locate the bookings you need to access. To set your filters:
  1. Go to the Bookings tab
  2. Click Show all filters
  3. Create your filters and Aquipa will remember these each time you return to the Bookings table
Filter the bookings table to show only bookings you are Participant of:
  1. Click the Participants filter
  2. Select yourself from the dropdown list and click submit

Column Picker

Using the column picker and filters you can Customise Table Views for any table in Aquipa. To set your columns:
  1. Click the Column Picker button to open the column picker dialog
  2. Select the columns you need
  3. Drag columns side-to-side to finish setting up your table view


Use the Search field to identify specific bookings by custom field data. Start typing or paste characters (e.g. Purchase Order) into the search field to filter the table down to bookings with that combination of characters.

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