Custom Views

Custom Views

What is custom views?

Custom views gives you the ability to create view tabs for the data you want to see, meaning more time can be spent analysing and auditing rather than filtering tables and selecting columns.  

How do I create custom views? 

1. Go to the plant module on the left hand side column. 
2. Select the + button at the top of the table to begin adding your custom view. 

3. Name your view.
4. Start selecting the data columns you wish to add to your table view. You may select multiple columns. 
5. Now add the data filters you wish to use, again you may select multiple filters. Depending on the filters you select a few extra questions or selection options may be populated for you to answer before submitting your custom view. 

6. When you are happy with your choices click submit. Your named custom view will then appear as a tab at the top of the plant table. To access simply click the tab and your custom data will be displayed. 

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