Create Tasks for Plant

Create Tasks for Plant

Create Task on a Mobile Device

  1. Open the Aquipa App on your mobile device > Scan or Search for the Plant 
  2. Click MORE OPTIONS 
  3. Click "Create Task" or "Create Task for Supplier"
  4. Complete the Create Task form
  5. Submit

Required fields (marked with an asterisk *) must be completed before the create task form can be submitted
The Assign Users field (optional) enables you to assign the task for users only in your organisation. When creating tasks for a supplier, the system will automatically notify and assign relevant users in the supplier business.

Create Task on the Web Application

Access Aquipa from a web browser, to create a plant task:
  1. Go to the plant profile page
  2. Click Create Task in the ribbon at top of page
  3. Add details
  4. Click SUBMIT

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