Confirming Work Logs as a Sydney Trains Business User

Confirming Work Logs as a Sydney Trains Business User

Video: Syd Trains Site Review (from Operator presenting you with a QR Code)

Video of End-to-End work flow: Operator Check In to Syd Trains Site Review

Confirming Work Logs:


Once Sydney Trains Site Representative approves the work log, can the operator still amend the hours?
Once the docket is submitted by the Sydney Trains Site representative no changes can be made on the actual work log. Ideally any discrepancy should be addressed on site prior to the work log being approved and submitted. If both parties cannot agree the work log should still be submitted and the supplier can contest the hours by initiating a review process with Plant Hire Services.

Where do you find all the work logs that are pending confirmation?
Each Sydney Trains Site Representative will have access to the Work Log table. In this section is where you can find the Work Log submitted, both confirmed and pending approval. If you have been listed as a participant on the booking you will be able to see the order details; however, if you are not listed as a participant but you will be responsible for reviewing and approving the Work Log onsite you can still access the work logs.

Why do we need to record the actual hours for attachments?
As we do have chargeable attachments against machines in the catalogue, we need to record the number of hours it was used for (estimate is fine), as this will dictate the payment. In addition, capturing the utilisation of attachments allows us to gather data for reporting purposes.

Will the app work offline?

Do the operators see the supplier performance that was submitted?
The supplier performance feedback is not sent to the supplier or operator. Once you submit the form it will workflow to PHS only. The supplier will only receive the approved work log.

Can SWMS be requested when machines are booked and added to the booking details?
Yes. You can request the supplier to send the document through the chat feature in the bookings table if you are a participant.

If you are not a participant, do you still have access to confirm worked hours, view HEC, SWMS, etc?
You have access to the work log table to verify and approve the worked hours; however, you do not have access to view SWMS or the booking details unless you are added as a participant.

Can a participant add another participant to the HEC?

Will this work log process only work on a mobile device?
Operators will need to complete the work log onsite, so they need to ensure that they have the Aquipa Mobile App available on a mobile phone or iPad. 

Does Sydney Trains Site Representative get notified to certify the dockets?
They will not receive any notification, but the operator should be asking the Sydney Trains Site Representative to verify and approve the Work Log once they submit it.

Is there minimum hire on chargeable attachments?
The supplier is entitled to minimum hours on machine and attachments; however, worklog should be a record of the actual hours.

Does a copy of the work logs go to the receipting officer for payment after approval?
The receipting officer will be able to access all Work Logs via Work Log table.

Is the Normal time / Over time entered manually?
Operators must manually enter in their actual hours worked, but the system will also automatically capture the check in and check out time which will be displayed on the work log summary.

Can the operator leave the site before their docket is approved?
The operator should get the Work Log approved before leaving site.

Will the PDF now replace the paper docket?
The Work Log summary replaces the Plant Hire paper docket, and this can be downloaded as a PDF.

What happens if there is a shift continuity overlap?
The second operator or relieving operator will need to check in at the time that they are going to start their shift i.e., operate the machine, and not the time they attended site for the induction. The operator can place a note in the comments field that they attended site 30 minutes prior to their shift for site induction.

Is it one work log per shift?
Yes. When there are multiple shifts against a booking the same booking ID number is used but followed with a dash and the sequential numbers. E.g., 933B7378-1, 933B7378-2

Will this PDF be attached with the invoice in ARIBA by supplier?
The supplier will upload the work log summary as a supporting document when they upload their invoice; however, you can also access it via the Work Log table.

Where do you see the location the operator checked in?
There is a geolocation that will appear on the work log, and in addition the actual address that was noted on the booking will appear on the work log summary under the ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ section.

How many people can be listed as a participant for a single project?
Multiple people can be added to the participants sections of the bookings.

Can we incorporate the suppliers prestart check list as part of this work log process?
Suppliers can perform prestart checklist in the Aquipa app; however, this is not part of the Work Log process at present.

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