Reporting and Analytics - Export Feature

Reporting and Analytics - Export Feature

Reporting and Analytics (R&As) are an ever evolving feature, dictated by user needs (customisations), feature development & how information is exported from different pages in Aquipa. 

- Thus: if you have specific R&As that you would like to customise, please contact us: 

Reporting & Analytics can be accessed in Aquipa in numerous ways and there are many different areas in Aquipa where you can:

  • Download searched for information and EXPORT TO CSV (Search all logged information by Date and "Event" type)
  • Download Plant Tables and EXPORT TO CSV
  • Configure Dashboards for quick view and access to what information and analytics is important to you.

Search History and Export to CSV

  1. Open Dashboard
  2. Go to History Tab at top of page
  3. Search by choosing (a) Date Parameters (b) Filter by the type of information you want to 
  4. EXPORT TO CSV - Use Pivot Tables in Excel to analyse data.


Download Tables (e.g. Plant Register) and Export to CSV:

You can download any number of Tables in Aquipa, you can use the "Column Picker" to choose the information columns you wish to include in your search and export. Example below is to download Plant Register:

  1. Go to Plant Tab
  2. "Column Picker" - choose all the columns of information you want to include in your export.
  3. Export to CSV (Use Excel Pivot Tables to analyse information)

Configure Dashboard for Quick View & Access:

  • Dashboard can be configured to have "Quick Access/View" reports, links and graphs which can be further accessed to get a more granular view of the information that is important to you.
  • This information can be EXPORT TO CSV as well.

For more information or requests, please contact:

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