Manage Users - Add, Edit & Delete

Manage Users - Add, Edit & Delete

Add Users

You have absolute control of the Users you add to your account and the Roles & Permissions (see bottom of this article) you give them.
  1. Go to your Avatar (top right of screen) > Account Settings
  2. Manage User Tab
  3. + ADD USER button.

      4. Create the User: In the required fields and
  • Input User Email Address
  • Choose a "Role"
  • Name (First & Last)
  • Contact Number (scroll down)

Note: This will send an automated email to that user with their login details.

Delete & Edit Users: Edit Users / Delete Users / Change a users Roles

  • Go to Manage Users
  • To the right of a Users name you will see the "3 Dot" sub-menu - Click on this
  • Choose your option to Edit or Delete

User Roles

There are currently 8 different types of User Roles in aquipa - what they can do in the system is determined by what Permissions you grant them. (Go to Manage User Role Permissions to set these rules)

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Supervisor
  • Employee
  • Asset Manager
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Asset Operator
  • Compliance Manager


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