Create Key Documents for your own business

Create Key Documents for your own business

Create your own Key Documents: We understand that each business may have their own internal Key Documents, in addition to what are deemed industry wide standard docs (that we refer to as System Key Documents). We account for this.

Points to Note:

  • We provide a list of System Key Documents you can choose from when uploading for each plant. We recommend using these as much as possible as they are standard across industry - most importantly though, this is what we use in aquipa to streamline document management. This is regardless of whether you are using aquipa to management your own assets or connecting to hiring clients to manage initial and ongoing registrations, applications and assessments that require documents. In once - across all !
  • [WE ARE ALL EARS] If you deem that there is a document you use that is common across industry - let us know! We will add it to the list of System Key Documents. Send a message to:

Steps to Creating your own Key Documents: [Note: your own Key Docs will appear as options to choose from (drop-down), in addition to the System Key Docs when you are adding them to plant]

Go to Configuration Panel (top right of screen drop-down menu)

  1. In Configuration Panel > go to Key Documents (left menu) 

  2. [+ CREATE KEY DOCUMENT] Create your Key Document profile and Submit. In this area you will have an editable list of Key Documents you have created, along with what attributes were applied to each document when created [Tick Boxes]

When you are applying Key Documents to plant - your own Key Documents will appear in the same drop-down menu along with the System Key Documents..... under their own heading: My Key Documents

For Help and Technical Support:

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