Plant Key Documents

Plant Key Documents

The Documentation section in each Plant Profile enables you to manage plant level documents. 

  1. Key Documents is the place to keep important documents that need to be updated periodically and/or shared with your hiring clients. 
Please see this help article: Key Documents Explained

  1. The General Documentation section (found underneath Key documents) is where you can add all other less critical documents. This section will also contain populated folders of documents shared to hiring clients in plant applications and assessments, as well as from task and case resolution processes. Think of it as the filing cabinet. 
Please see this help article: General Documentation

Plant Key Documents

When hiring clients require business level documents these will be maintained in the Key Documents panel in your account documentation tab. Maintaining up-to-date Key Documents in Aquipa helps ensure your plant is always eligible to win work.

As part of their compliance standards, your clients may require that you maintain certain business level and plant level Key Documents. Keeping these up to date is critical, as expired Key Documents may prevent you from winning work with your plant.

How to Update or Edit Plant Key Documents

1. Go to the Plant Profile Page for a plant and click on the Documentation tab (in the right hand menu). Your Key Documents are located in the table of the plant documentation tab.
Key Documents that have expired will be highlighted as a red row in the Key Documents table

2. To update a Key Document, click on the 3-dots menu and select Update Key Document (Don't Delete Key Document - just Update)

3. In the update Key Document dialog, complete the required fields (as indicated by an *) - Include change of Date field.
4. Upload files from your computer or select from files in your account documentation
CHOOSE FROM ACCOUNT DOCUMENTATION can be used where you have a document that covers multiple plant, so you don't need to upload it separately for each plant. 
  1. First go to Account Settings from your avatar menu (top right)
  2. Go to the Documentation tab
  3. Open the Documentation panel and upload the file there
  4. When updating Key Documents for individual plant items, select CHOOSE FROM ACCOUNT DOCUMENTATION

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