Key Documents Explained

Key Documents Explained

Key Documents 

Key Documents is a feature of Aquipa's document management capability. It enables more efficient management of important documents that may expire and need to be updated for compliance. It also allows documents to be shared across multiple plant or across multiple hiring clients when registering plant with them.

Essentially: Suppliers upload once and manage one version of a particular document across a plants safety & compliance registrations, workflows and ongoing approvals that it applies to.

(Example: Road Registration Certificate is a requirement in the acceptance process of multiple clients. Once the Road Registration Certificate has been set for a plant, this will automatically appear whenever required in subsequent forms that require that certificate, without users having to upload again.)

For purpose of understanding:

1. System Key Documents: a term we have created - are document types that are recognised across industry. We have created a default list of these and given them an exact heading type, for example: Road Registration Certificate. As per example above this allows us to streamline document management - upload once, manage across all.

2. My Key Documents: you can create your own Key Documents specific to your business. They will appear as options under their own heading along with System Key Documents when you are applying them to your Plant. 

Please see this help article on how to create key documents for your own business

If Key Documents Expire (or expiry date approaches):

  • Alert notifications are triggered when document expiry approaches and passes
  • Modifications are recorded in the event log history, including date & time the action was performed and by whom
  • An updated document will update across all registrations and plant folders it has been applied to

General Documents

The General Documentation section can be found underneath Key Documents. It gives you the ability to create an electronic archive of your own files and organise them in folders. Each plant profile will contain both a Key document and General documents section meaning that documentation can be archived against each specific piece of plant you own. This can save you enormous amounts of time trying to locate paperwork.

Another great feature of the General Documents section is that it will automatically create archived folders for specific plant for the following:

1. Maintenance documents you log in the system.
2. Task and Case resolution documents.
3. Any documents you have shared with hiring clients when making plant application and assessments. 

These automatic archived folders are highlighted in red. 

Please see more on General Documents‚Äč

For help and technical support:

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