Stickers / Decal - Connect a Barcode to a Plant Profile

Stickers / Decal - Connect a Barcode to a Plant Profile

Using the aquipa Mobile App - connect a Barcode / Data Matrix Code Sticker to the plant profile in your aquipa account.

1. Place a Sticker/Decal onto the piece of Plant. Our Stickers have a unique Data Matrix Code on them.

2. Open the aquipa App on your Mobile Device

3. Go to the Plant Table and locate the Profile of that Plant (all Plant are in rows)

4. Press on the arrow to the right side of the row > this will open an Overview page of the Plant. Go to More Options > View Plant

5. On this General Details plant profile page - Go to "3-dots" sub-menu (top right of screen) > Choose Attach Barcode from the options

6. This will open the aquipa in-App Scan Barcode capability which utilises your devices camera. Simply Scan the Barcode / Data Matrix Code on the Sticker. Its Done!

NOTE: the first scan is what links the Sticker/Barcode to the Plant Profile - every scan after that will bring up the "quick view" profile of that plant on your screen. 

See this video: 

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