How can I view scheduled maintenance?

How can I view scheduled maintenance?

Scheduled maintenance services can viewed widely across all plant or narrowed down to specific plant.  

To view Scheduled Maintenance Types across ALL of your Plant:

  1. Open aquipa 
  2. Go to the Maintenance Tab on the Left Menu
  3. Use the Filters option to customise your search for what Maintenance have been scheduled, whats due next, types, when and who created etcetera.

To view Scheduled Maintenance Types for a specific Plant:
  1. Open to a specific Plant's Profile Page
  2. Go to the Maintenance Table (Spanner Icon to the right of the page)
  3. You will see a list of Scheduled Services for that plant - each scheduled service is represented by a row.
  4. Click on the row to take you into that Maintenance Conversation - Your service sheet will be included. You can perform the scheduled service. In addition you can comment, edit or add extra subtasks or information on this conversation page.

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