General Documentation: Manage Files and Folders

General Documentation: Manage Files and Folders

General Documents

The General Documentation section can be found underneath Key Documents. It gives you the ability to create an electronic archive of your own files and organise them in folders. Each plant profile will contain both a key document and General documents section meaning that documentation can be archived against each specific piece of plant you won. This can save you enormous amounts of time trying to locate paperwork. 

Another great feature of the General Documents section is that it will automatically create archived folders for specific plant for the following: 

1. Maintenance documents you log in the system.
2. Task and Case resolution documents.
3. Any documents you have shared with hiring clients when making plant application and assessments. 

These automatic archived folders are highlighted in red. 

Manage File and Folders

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select the 'Plant' tab on the left had side of the screen, and the select the row of plant you would like to view / add documentation.
  3. On the Plant Profile Page, to the right of the Image > click on the Documents Icon.

  4. From here you can view all uploaded documentation that may have been added through an Application or Assessment, or you can Create Folders and Add new Documents (see below). Create a Folder and then Upload Files to that folder.

  5. To Open, Rename, Delete or Download File - Right Click on the File Name > see dropdown of options > choose option. (Note: you can double click directly on a file to download as well)

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