View Operating Restrictions

View Operating Restrictions

View Operating Restrictions:

Operating Restrictions are applied to pieces of plant by the hiring client. They are usually determined by contractors completing Inductions, Applications or Assessments that are requirements set by hiring clients. They basically let operators know what the limits are for that type of plant on hiring client work sites.

A person onsite will be able to scan a piece of plant with the Aquipa App, and up will come that plant profile. On a Mobile Device, they will need to scroll down the screen to see the operating restrictions specific to that plant. You can also see this by:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select the 'Plant' tab on the left had side of the screen, and the select which plant profile you would like to view (see below)

  3. Scroll down or expand the Plant Profile Page and you will find what operating restrictions have been applied to this specific plant.

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