Add Plant

Add Plant

Add Plant:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Plant tab (left menu bar)
  3. Select [ +Add Plant ] (top right of screen)

      4. Add the General Plant Details: there are some mandatory fields you must enter. 
When you are  adding plant , you will be asked for the Make, Model and Type of plant. You can start typing in the field boxes to find the correct make, model, types. However, if you do not see any one of these specifications from the drop down menus for each field:

Tick the box under each of the Fields you do not see, and manually type into the field. Please be as accurate as you can.

  • Make: Don't see your make?
  • Model: Don't see your model?
  • Type: Don't see your type?

Follow the remaining  prompts to add all the  General Details  and  Specifications . Press submit. This takes you to the next point: 

      5.  Connecting to a Client: once basic plant details are added (Submitted) - you will be prompted and asked whether you want to:
    1. Connect to a Client - in order to access their Application forms. Choose from Client dropdown menu or
    2. Add the plant for your own use Only (only visible to you in your account)
 If connecting to a Client - follow the prompts to fill out the Application form and Submit to the Client for review. 

For Technical Help & Support: 

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