Apply To Connect Existing Plant to a Client (Rail & Mobile Plant)

Apply To Connect Existing Plant to a Client (Rail & Mobile Plant)

There are two ways you will be initiating a Plant Application:

  • You are adding a New piece of plant [ SEE ADD PLANT ARTICLE ] into the system for the first time and "connecting" this to a Client at the time you are entering it, or     [ NOTE: once you Add a Plant for the first time - the same 6 steps apply as outlined below in this article ]
  • If you are trying to register a piece of plant that already Exists in your aquipa account, but not yet registered with the new Client you will work with. (For example, the plant may be in your account, registered and assessed for Client A and B and you now want to register it with Client C)

Connecting EXISTING plant in your account to a new Client:

1. Go to the Plant Table (in left menu bar)

2. Click on the row of Plant that you wish to "connect" to a Client - this will open the Plant Profile Page.

3. At top centre, Click on the Manage Client Connections Icon

4. From the Dropdown - Choose the Client you are connecting to.

5. Choose the correct Application of that Client - Tick Box Options. Note: there may be more than one Application for a Client so make sure you choose the correct option - Submit

6. This will open to a pop-up page:  Modify and Confirm Specifications - where you are asked questions specific to the Client Application (schema we call this) you have chosen. The answers you provide here will determine the scope of the Application to be completed. When you have completed this page, press next, confirm the additional information you have input and SUBMIT.

This will now open the correct Application:

  • Input the required information
  • Upload required documentation
  • Complete and submit
  • Await the outcome.

Note: a submitted Application will be reviewed by a qualified person from the Client.

For aquipa technical help and support, contact:

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