View evidence as an Operator that your checklist was performed

View evidence as an Operator that your checklist was performed

There are a three ways that you as an operator can view and provide evidence that a checklist has been performed. Choose the way that best suits you:

1. Scan the aquipa Registration Sticker

  • Open the aquipa App > Menu (top left of screen)
  • Scan QR Code
  • The screen that appears will show you the last Checklist completed for that plant, who and at what time:

2. Checklists Tab from Menu

  • Open the aquipa App > Menu (top left of screen) > Scroll down and click on the Checklists Tab
  • History Tab at top left of this page
  • Scroll down and across to see the latest Checklists completed - by whom and what time.
  • View the Form - scroll across until you see the "3 dots" menu > click on this

3. Plant Table > Choose Plant > History - see latest Checklist

  • Open aquipa App > Menu > Select Plant tab
  • Choose & Click on the row of plant you wish to view > this opens the Plant Specific profile page.
  • Go to the History Icon at top right of screen
  • Scroll down or Filter to see latest Checklists

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