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aquipa (PlantGUARD) technical help and support: there are a number of ways to reach us:

1. Visit our Help Education/Articles Portal:

2. Send an email to: - this is essentially a ticketing system. It is the fastest way to reach our support team.

3. Phone our support number: +61 (0)480 028 638

4. Contact Persons: Lachie Pennefather, Jean-Paul Afflick

5. Account Login Page:

6. Accounts & Billing: Attn: Jean-Paul Afflick -

If you are logged into your aquipa (PlantGUARD) account:

7. Go up to the Help Symbol (?) at the top right of your screen.

  • Help Chat - Ask a question or Search for Answers in articles
  • Help Centre - Direct link to the Education Articles Help Portal ( LINK HERE )
  • Tutorials

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